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Krita Engineering Pvt. Ltd

M/s. Krita Engineering pvt ltd., was Extablished in the the year 1999 in the field of Infrastructures Construction specializing in Sewer and Water systems, Oil and Gas lines, Electrical underground installation and Telecom sector. Now we are Leading Infrastructures Contractor specializing in Trenchless Technology operating in India and having Registered office in Bangalore and Regional Office in Goa, Mumbai, & Kolkata. We own latest machinery for carrying out various type of pipeline installation like HDPE,RCC,MS,DI e.t.c form 40mm to 3000mm in diameter. Our experienced team consists of professionals having experience of over 10-20 years in this field.


In the late YEAR, the installation of under ground utilities in India was revolutionized by the introduction of Trenchless Technology and specifically Horizontal Directional Drilling, PIPE BURSTING, MICRO TUNNELING AND PIPE RAMMING

With Horizontal Directional Drilling and Trenchless Technology, it was now possible to install underground utilities without disturbing the on - surface conditions. This is accomplished by DRILLING a bore underground and pulling the utility through it.

With Pipe Bursting method (Trenchless technology) it was now possible for replacement of sewer lines by trenchless method of pipe bursting (online trenchless pipe replacement) with appropriate upsizing of the existing sewers.

With Micro Tunneling method (Trenchless technology) it was now Extremely accurate as compared with other methods for laying grade and alignment sensitive sewer lines Suitable for Shallow and larger depths for water bearing strata and Better control over steering and ground movements

Traditionally the installation of utilities had taken place by the cut and cover method where the road surfaces were cut open, the utility installed and the finally the surface covered again. But this method not only caused great disturbance and inconvenience to normal public life, but also left the condition of the road surfaces in a sorry state. It was left to the corporations to restore this road at great costs.

With the use of Trenchless Technology it is now possible to avoid conventional open-cut construction, We use Micro Tunneling, Jacking, Pipe Busting, Ramming and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for underground infrastructure projects.

. This Technology is useful for installing all sub surface lines like

  • Water And Sewer line Installations.
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Electric Ug Cable Installation.
  • Telecom lines.
  • The installation can be done for varied locations like:
  • NH Crossing.
  • Railway Crossing.
  • In busy and congested roads of cities.
  • Airport runways.
  • River crossing.

Our Company has successfully completed number of projects for Water And Sewerage, Electrical, Telecommunication Oil & Gas, Airport Authority. Ports Departments in India. Having completed projects in 12 states we are well versed with various topography, environment and local issues.

The company owns latest and wide range of machinery from leading manufacturers of world and is capable to provide end-to-end solution for all Underground Infrastructure installations and allied civil and electrical works.


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